F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General
  2. Creating An Account
  3. Getting Approved To Bid
  4. Bidding
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  7. Technical Problems

Getting Approved To Bid

Q. I already have an account with SCI Silent Auctions. Why do I have to Get Approved To Bid in every auction?^

A. Bidders have to get approved to bid for each auction they are interested due to differing requirements for each auction. Also this ensures that bidder information is up to date and valid for the auction in question.

Many auctions only require your address and phone number, but some may ask you for a credit card, driver’s license number, etc in order for you to be approved for bidding. The auctioneer has full discretion on whether to approve or deny you for bidding in their auctions.

Usually you will be automatically approved on the spot, but sometimes the auctioneer will need to review your information manually before approving you. You will be notified by email once you have been approved.

Q. Why did I not get approved to bid?^

A. The auctioneer will approve/deny bidders at their own discretion. If you have been denied access to bidding you may contact the auctioneer via telephone or e-mail to inquire about it.

Q. I can't Get Approved To Bid in any auctions, what's wrong?^

A. If you are having difficulty getting approved to bid, please contact technical support and we will walk you through the process.